Monday, June 29, 2015

What I've Got for Sale

After posting one of these in a blog, it became clear that an entry with "my collection" was in order. 

Waist: 30" 
Bust: 40"
Skirt length: 24.5"

Waist: 31"
Bust: 42"
Skirt length: 26"
Special notes: Lined skirt

Waist: 42"
Bust: 50"
Length: 45"
Special notes: Has belt, tag reads: Nancy II, Size 18

Waist: 34"
Bust: 42"
Skirt length: 24.5"
Special notes: Loose stitches in neckline, light staining on skirt, missing belt (has loops), Tag reads: Rona New York

Waist/Bust: 50" (box/straight cut)
Special notes: Tag removed 

Waist/Hemline: 37"
Bust: 42"
Sleeve length: 24.5"
Special notes: Tag reads: John Roberts, Size 14

Waist: 38"
Bust: 39"
Length: 40"
Sleeve length: 23"

Waist: 39"
Bust: 42"
Length: 39.5"

Waist: 32"
Bust: 44"
Skirt length: 25"

Waist: 35"
Bust: 37"
Length: 38"
Special notes: Pen mark on white fabric, tag reads: J.M. New York

Waist: 21" (resting position of elastic)
Bust: 40"
Skirt length: 23.5"
Special notes: Missing belt (has loops), tag reads: Size 12

Waist/Bust: 44" (box/straight cut)
Length: 29.5" 
Sleeve length: 19"
Special notes: Some loose metallic threads, tag reads: Sheridan Square, Size M

Bust: 45"
Hemline: 43"
Length: 25"
Special notes: Black marker in collar, tag reads: Josephine, Size 10

Waist: 25" 
Bust: 34"
Skirt length: 20"
Special notes: Missing a belt (has loops), tag reads: Jessica Howard Petite, Size 6

Waist/Bust: 47" (box/straight cut)
Length: 42"
Sleeve length: 22"
Special notes: 100% silk, tag reads: Lord & Taylor, Size 10

Suede purse from the 60s. 

Unfinished 60s top. Might finish with original maker.

Size 6


Length of ties end-to-end: 38"
Skirt length: 23.5"

The piece that started it all:

Waist: Widens from bust to hemline
Bust: 40"
Length: 38"
Sleeve length: 24"
Special notes: Loose stitches in left armpit

Eustis Goodwill (6.29)

I forgot that this damn place existed. It was so full of vintage that I had to leave pieces.

Modern, but throwback. 

Ignore the fact that it's from Hollister, look at the sailboats. 

See, Old Navy figured out what I did in the Cat thrift store; chop up 80s sequined blouses to make something new.

A sweet dress.

Argyle reminds me of Bert from Sesame Street.


This was pretty cute, the stripes were black and mint. 



Also left behind...


I thought about it, but I couldn't picture the buyer.

I quite liked this, it was linen. 

I don't care about scuffs or stains, these are to die for.

I don't know who would wear it, but that cut only existed at a certain point in history. 

Boring, except for the fabric. There was a similar shirt/pants combo at 2nd Time around. Clearly vintage, but not...chic...

Looked like a nightie, was a dress...

I tried this on too big. 

I've never seen glasses like these. Epcot glassware.

Now the mugs have matching glasses...


And these keep appearing!

Mini Brown Betty?

This tin rivals mine in prettiness. 

I've never seen such stuff.

Traditional, "Chubby Bunny" game basket. Just fill with marshmallows and pass from player to player. 

I got some a teapot like these as a gift. 

Fun glaze and look at the glass on the right, I didn't even notice it while there.


"I'm a little teapot, short and stout, I have four legs and I'm rusted out!"