Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Random Stuff That I Found While Unpacking

These should have been posted with the bear block print I was working on. These were just some sketchies, but they helped inform the final. Unfortunately, the final print/block were not as exciting to me as the sketches.

Lithography practice. You can see I'm not very good at it, the differences in ink thickness are really apparent. (But these were just tests...so...)

Sketch based on Colin's painting/drawings/lithos, "The Fates."

This guy is wonky, but I like him. His feet however, need work.

These cats be so crazy, Dogboy's all like, "Whatevs."

Eerie doodle I did with the last of the ink in my brush pen. I wasn't really planning on this drawing to appear, but appear it did.

I bet you have conversations with your boyfriend that end in this sort of thing...right?

Doodle Dump

Yeah...I apologize if any of this crap offends ya.

This guy haunts my freakin' dreams man...

I overheard someone say this in a Carl's Jr. in Sunnyvale...

True story folks... I think I broke my toe. Colin kept saying, "It's no big deal" and poking me to distract me from the pain. Finally, after screaming for a full five minutes and declaring that it felt like my toe was giving birth to pain, he told me to draw it. Then he said, "If it's not giving birth to pain, what is it giving birth to?" Well duh, puppies! Toe puppies.


This came out of the usual discussion about dancing. You know how it is.

Colin was like, "Use my pen." So I did...

I'm such a bitter old broad.


I like scribbling. I think the one on the right looks like Liza Minelli...

This is probably the best thing I've ever drawn. I think it's going on my resume/business cards. I'm serious.

Cutest Ever Pig. I loves his feets.

Where you get that 'stache man?

I dunno, I've done a similar doodle. I guess I just figure maybe this is going somewhere.

I love this freaky thing. Colin said, "OOPH, it shouldn't be!" I think it should.

Are you coming to my monstah pahtay?

YIPES! *sorry for the boobs*

Tell it Mr. Dog.

Kinda a silly drawing, but I thought it was fun.

This is one of the best doodle pages I've ever done...at least I think so.

Oh Mr. Dodo, you are looking rather dapper.

Colin owes his brother $Horse Dollars.

...well I am...sheesh...

Another true tale. Went to the Starbucks in the Castro that's known to be a Bear Cruising site and I saw a shavey headed bear carefully wipe his head with a bandanna.


"L" is for "legs."

"Why, Mr. Bear, what troubles you so?"

Had Dim Sum for the first time...don't know how I lasted 26 years without eating it somewhere... Anyway, this resulted, because this is the totally normal response to Dim Sum.

Hella Dangerous.