Saturday, May 14, 2011

New & Old Stuff

This is old...this is an example of how bad I am at technical drawings... Give me some French curves and a Micron and it's like...well it's like this...
Danger dog fighting his nemesis Longlegs
So I made you a monster.
Dancing sausages are troubling...
Sister Mary Beary. Confess ye sins.
Scribble dog, I quite like him.
Colin handed me a book of Mayan art, there were some dog sculptures he wanted me to draw so these are what I came up with.
More Mayan doggles.
It's a dog, I swear!
I started doing some faces in what I guess you could call "my style." They're not all successful but I think each of these have something about them, a nose, a feeling, a mood.
Sad face.
A gesture. Unfortunately this is not from life, but I think that it says something without much being there. (Which is what it's supposed to do.) I overworked it in reality so I heavily edited it in Photoshop to return it to it's original simplicity. (i.e. it has a head in the sketchbook).
Geisha: what she lacks in beauty she makes up for in spunk and wit.
I kinda like the raccoon eye effect here.
I love this doodle.
This, although being made up of some shaky lines feels like it has a lot of personality.
Oh, I was just a teenage Longlegs.
Old, old, old character design of myself... They're not very good, but may be worth revisiting.
More developed "me."
I named her Crimson...
I got bored in class many years ago and this mermaid happened... The anatomy is weird, but I still like the effort.
This is also old. He's not the greatest but I'm thinking maybe I could ink it in Photoshop. We'll see.