Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

I know, I know, no drawings for a long time and none in this post. I just wanted to tell you all what's been going on with me. I am now in Concept Development class, which means that I'm almost to the finish line of school and the starting line of my senior film. (Updates of which can be found on So most of my work has been on that. However, I have work from last quarter that I am going to post once I get back to my scanner and a couple of drawings I'm very pleased with, that I've done this weekend. I'm trying to do one good drawing a day, but yesterday did 3 things that I like for different reasons. At any rate, I will post those ASAP. So don't worry that I've lost interest in blogging or died or got scared again, I'm just lazy...something else I'm working on.

Speaking of working on my problems (especially around creating) I am seeing a counsellor at my college who specializes in creativity coaching, etc. So I'm working to be a better, stronger me, and a better stronger artist. I've made leaps and bounds, though continue to hit snags. Today I spent a great deal of time crying because I'm working on my senior film's storyboards/animatic. I struggle greatly with compositions. I do much better when I have a camera, but the whole point of storyboarding is to do the work ahead of time. Anyway, I just thought that was important. 

Take care,