Friday, July 10, 2015

Cat Protection Society Resale Shop (7.8)

Back to see if that beaded thang was still around. Of course not. 

Such whimsy!

More needlework lurve.

Just in time for the Bacchanal I'm throwing.

I can't use these, I'm gluten free!

The best oven mitt I've ever seen. :3

I'm pretty sure that this is the beret that Prince saw before writing the song, "Raspberry Beret." It's obviously a grape beret, but that doesn't make for a romantic lyric. 

Have to go to Frugal's some other time. :(

Orphans' Rock Thrift Store (7.8)

I I noticed this place the other day while driving down 19 towards home. I decided I wanted to visit it, the Cat Rescue place (again, in case that beaded thing was still hanging around) and Frugal's (a vintage shop that I'd visited once ages ago, but didn't really investigate. I wanted to see how they decided to price their clothes and what they had to offer.)

I had never been to Orphans' Rock. It looked as if a residential property had been repurposed for thrifting. It's a fairly typical set up that works well. Most often each room has its own theme, which works for me. This one had a stuffed animal bathroom upstairs... Plus, an open air barn out back. 

I checked out clothes first, just in case there was something I had to have for my shop. 

You'd be the belle of some ball in this.

I've been looking for a pair of these, in red, since I was introduced to, "The Young Ones" several years ago. I wanna be "Wik." 

This guy wouldn't stop looking at me...

I've been waiting to see taps in a thrift store. *mind drifts off to her dance years*

Arsenic and Old Lace. 

Aw yeah, here come the sequined/beaded 80s blouses.

Get it Dorothy, get it.

Blanch, you saucy minx!

Holy beaded dress Batman! I feel like this is a female MC Hammer outfit. 

Beaded, embroidered pants. I actually kinda liked these, though I think I should just make my own and see if my boss allows me to wear them at work. I know, I'm an antagonistic brat. 

Ladies and gents, this marks the first time I've ever seen assless chaps at a thrift store and I used to thrift in San Francisco. What am I saying, of course there wouldn't be any there!

Where remote controls go to die.

...and where crockpots go to die...

Plus an ice cream maker or two...

I need to open the ASPCC: American Society for the Provention of Cruelty to Crockpots.

I almost bought this because I'd wear it...yeah...I'm that weird. 

The only way to take a self portrait. 

A bathroom full of tchotchkes. The horse and dog made me smile.


:-D The happiest of kitchenware.

I love the idea of decorating with the bedroom...

The mustard! 

I have a couple of bottles like this for picnics, but these are so cute. UNGH!

I can see how this glass was manipulated and that pleases me.

*steals all of this for her cottage in the woods*

White elephant gift. I almost grabbed it for that very purpose. I'd love to give this as a gift. 

For grape juice the Brady house...

In my mind this was full of candy that had melted together and hardened into one giant globule of sugar. Miners spent weeks using picks to carefully scale away the mess.

*gasp* Candy mines! *GASP* Candly lung!

Colored glass.

I like the house shaped bottle.


I've seen better mugs, but these are passable.

I have an olive obsessed friend. I almost got this for her.



Love the pug on that crock.

That mustard colored thing is to die for.

This was my favorite kitchen piece.

Can't leave you without a WTF:

Someone donated this... Think about that...

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Eustis Goodwill (7.6) Bonus

Forgot to post this: 

I guess someone wanted to try these on. 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Eustis Goodwill (7.6)

I visited this Goodwill yesterday and posted the vintage dresses I found. I was looking for suspenders and found them, but arrived with only a little time before closing. Here's what I found today during a spur of the moment visit.

Another strong start. I damn near almost bought this. Pugs not drugs, yo.

I couldn't get this any less blown out. Still, a weird painting as the graphic on a tee? So good.

These feel like shoes my mom would like. Mom, what do we think?

I had to pause at this set of bookends. On first glance I thought they were a Siamese duck statue. 

This is a good thing...a really good thing... Had it not been $5.99, I would own this thing...this good thing...

Another good thing. 

I'm pretty sure that these are votive candle holders, not shot glasses. However, they were with the glassware so...MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

I don't doubt it.

I feel like these two should be purchased as a set. They're friends now! naïveté is showing. I feel like I've seen such things before, but cannot place their name or purpose. I shall call them singing irons. You're welcome. 

Studious Asian statues. 

Tiny ceramic chicken with crow friend. 

Holiday molds.

I guess it's a dish of some sort...soap perhaps? I think it should be an ashtray. 

Still no animal inside! That sad state of affairs aside, look at that wide eye. 

Remember this pattern? It even has a loaf pan. 

And this goes with stuff I've found all over. I didn't even notice the thing in the background! It's amazing what you don't see!

Divided dishes are so funny to me. I can't plan a meal this way.

PUPPIES! Is it just me or are these puppies kinda sad?

I love these old wash sets. Looks good next to that bust too. 

I feel like I would have had this mirror in my bedroom in the 90s. Southwest stuff was all the my brain...

I'm loving these needlework pieces. 

For when I buy a bikey...or suffer severe head trauma! 

My dog would buy these.

Crockpots have been through some fun designs. Thrift stores seem to be where they go to die. Don't buy a new one, get one used, they need homes. 

Saucy doll. 

I'm in love with this doll...and I hate dolls...

Typically I don't have the patience to sift through the books, this trip a few caught my eye:

One of my favorite authors. I kinda like the idea that some unsuspecting reader will buy this. 

The "answers" inside were just as good as you think. 

I almost bought this for the lols. 

This almost became my WTF for this visit:

I guess this is for clarified butter, but who needs a dedicated, melted butter server? And don't say Paula Deen, SHE DOESN'T COUNT AS A PERSON!

Here's my real WTF:

Ok...I know people like golf stuff; there are some serious golf freaks out there. However, who wants this weird, Terry Gilliam-esque illustration of a chubby, perturbed and awkwardly positioned golfer on anything?