Sunday, December 14, 2008

Concept Development for Layout & Character Design

Here's a Blue Tick Coon Hound I did for the Concept Development Assignment in Layout & Character Design. It's very much a doodle, but I like it a lot. For some reason the blue pencil was just working for me on this one. (In terms of rendering anyhow.)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Two Sketches I Forgot

Two wolf sketches Colin and I did. Me left, he right. I don't know which version came first and which second, but Colin wanted both saved. This one came before most of the ones in the last post. 

More iScribble

Two collaborations between Colin and I.

Two more.

He did the left, I did the right.

Someone came in and drew that fat Picachu, Colin added the sammich.

A face I did.

Here's the same face, plus the one on the far left is mine (the tiny one) and the weird one, bottom right, is Colin's.

Close up of tiny face.

This time Colin added blue and asked me to screen cap again.

I did the blue dog and the weird orange pig thing, Colin did the sideways dog with the lightbulb nose and we collabed on the "busty" dog...thing... That anime dog is someone else's.

Another close up of a face I did.

Undersea scene. I started doing the squid by myself, then some guy came in and did the diver, Colin came in and did the moon lander thing and the skill, some lame-o came in and did the scribbles and I did the seahorse to pass more time.

I did both the purple donkey wearing headphones as well as the goat, Colin did the brain in the jar (though he asked me to sketch the jar first) and the beginnings of a skull at the bottom right. Someone else did that little thing at the bottom.

Colin and I then joined the two characters and because I don't have the blur tool available to me yet, while he was meshing the two together, I drew "Onlooking Bear."

I drew the blue bunny and the little, weird, scribbly, purple one, Colin did the microwave bunny, this person "a-wes-ome" did the zombie bunny, far left, and someone who was in the room before us did the pink bunny, or "Bunny-Bunny." Bunny-Bunny had a weird, fully rendered eye that made it creepy as Hell. So, I drew this eye and had Colin blur it. Believe me, THIS is less frightening.

Then "a-wes-ome" drew wings and Colin and I drew the very phallic looking horn...woops...

Colin and "a-wes-ome" did the bunnies while I drew the sick Polar bear and added the text.

A head I did.

I did the purple one, as mentioned above and the black and white "Elvisy" guy. Colin know who that

I drew this tiger from a photo in a "Warrior Cats" room. I think this is one of my favorite doodles.

Another from a photo, Colin blurred. He was drawing "The Gorton's Fisherman." I did this next to it...

More "Warrior/RP Cats"... Colin and I collabed on the panther in the middle.

"Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Woo-hoo-oo-oo!" Colin and I collaborated again to draw a very weird and disturbing Little Richard...

This is "Pan" from an ancient fresco.

I did Ganesh. Someone else did the one on the right. There's a more finished version, but they changed the BG color and I picked that yellow with it remains... It's in a "Best of" section though... :)

Most recent doodle, Marie Antoinette with ship hair... It's from and old illustration. Mine doesn't look much like the original and I didn't finish it, but I like it a lot. Some dude was hassling me while I was drawing so I got it to a place that I liked it and left. 

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Colin and I have really gotten into doodling on "" with our WACOM tablets...though his is much fancier. :-P Anyway, here's what I did tonight.

P.S. Sorry I haven't posted in ages!