Friday, October 14, 2016


I collected photos from a bunch of thrift stores in Central Florida. I picked the best and am presenting them here. (I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back into this hobby). 

I think this one speaks for itself...


Pilgrims of the Corn

One eyed, singing chihuahua.

I almost bought this...


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Today's Thrifting

I've been on a hunt for a brown leather belt, I found that and am here to satisfy your thrift find needs. Come, wet your whistle, the thrifting's fine.

Life Changing Ministries Thrift Store: Eustis, FL
Anything with bassets is good. Learn it, live it, love it.

I remember these...why were these a thing?

If you know me, you know I like a good glaze job.


Did I tell you that this store has a skunk collection?

All set for Halloween. want you to just LOOK at the transfer image. You'd think it was...oh...I dunno, kittens in a basket. Nope.


Bathtub soap dish, because I can't afford a bathtub Porsche.

Gotta love what people donate.

In purchasing another cheeseboard, I learned that this is a cheeseboard.

I love how the images are so ghosted.


Duck Family Values.

I like this tin.

This tin speaks to my hideous vintage food photography fetish. (


I dig these but have nowhere to put them.

This photo is great.

Rummel? Hummel? German anyway...

I can see the FUTURE!

Oh god...these are so cute...

I like this.

I'm such a heathen I didn't even know what this was until I started working at a card store where they sell Jubilee cards.

Good stuff. The one on the left feels like a Japanese airline logo to me. I know it isn't, but I dig.

I know I've seen this.


Sake anyone?

Is this a bottle doll? I used to have one that my grandma made.

This bear is up to something, I just KNOW it.

Pardon the photo... Still, I love dual handled bowlie-mugs.


I love old coffee pots.

In the 75% off section. Is anyone a him? I could his you with this.

Stack-able chickens!

Someone NEEDS this in their home.

 Second Time Around: Eustis, FL 
I haven't been to this place in a while because they're short on things I want. They are, however, long on amazing tchotchkes.
We begin...with a dromedary...

Sad bear...

Dig the print.



This set is fun.

Needlework for the car enthusiast.

I SO wanted to give this guy a home! It reminds me of Christopher Robin.

It's too bad this is missing its inkwell.

I love old book covers.

...just...just take a moment to let this sink in...

Ceramic thing.

I love theeeese.

The design on this is sooooo damn good.

Time to open a tea-house where the walls are lined with creepy ass teapots.

Where are his balls? Hey Japanophiles, you know what's up. *wiiiiink*

There's something about images that illustrate by breaking up elements like this.

See, bassets, I told you.

My childhood.

More needlie-work.

Gotta love it.

I would have nabbed this, but I'm having trouble imagining a buyer.

Sooooo tempting for the collection.

I mean, check it.

For the avid bowler. *cough*

*swoon* This is such a lovely thing.

Today's Jewel in the Crown: 
Ain't nothin' better than ragging on your wife. I mean, it's not like you married her or any...waaaaaait...
(Life Changing Ministries Thrift Store: Eustis, FL)