Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Last Few Thrift Visits

Salvation Army: Casselberry

I'm a sucker for this type of glazing.

Sounds about right for me.

Someone NEEDS these shorts.

I tried this on, I looked very innocent.

I think I was taking pictures of sweaters because trying them on in the beginnings of the Central Florida summer was not happening.

Kinda fun.

Gemmmmm sweatahhhhh!

I swear this is the most commonly donated pattern in kitchen wares.

Ugg lip-gloss?

I should start collecting busts.


I dig this tin.

Cookies for Santy.

Veni Vidi Vici!

Cat milk only.

I bet these weigh a ton.

How civilized.

Why do people donate stuff like this?

I love this glass, reminds me of my mom.


Dog vase.

I can't remember the last time I saw a bedside wash basin.

I call it, "Blue Pieta"...from my blue period...

Is it an angry grouse?



Cinnamon House.

For washrooms?

So, I'm gonna have my ashes put in this.

I don't think I've ever seen trays that match these glass sets.

Goodwill: Leesburg
Who doesn't need...

...a Persian cat...


...with a dent...?

Life Changing Ministries Thrift: Eustis
So, what do we think, cologne bottles?

I swear, I love this stuff. It's rare to see cooking pieces like the one at far left.


Part of an insanely large bell collection. Keep in mind folks, you can't take it with ya...well...unless you're buried with 100 bells...

Those eyes are a nice addition...


Every house needs kitten photography.


Love that color.

These always remind me of camping.

Milk jug.


Copper Bambi.

I love the photography.

Some classic stuff in here...

Like this... Is it a greyhound?



Block printing in this era was so choice.

I would have loved this as a kid.

Removable staircase?

Closed and ready to carry.

It's so simple.

More classic printing.

Basset hound!

I remember these books. They were Disney's answer to learning.



This book is amazing.

Love that round bear.

More basset!

I loved these books too. The best was the one about packing a picnic.

Technicolor nightmares.


Pardon this. I just had to post the book, "The Werefox."

Goodwill: Eustis
Golden Girls.



I love this.

Hand painted?

Montreal, Montreal, English riding saddle.

More camping.

The saddest racehorse.

Honest to god clogs...

Songs about dinosaurs and archaeology, including a song about digging.

Love this Rex.

To go with that other backwoods book.

Bears are always showing up for Chanukkah.

I remember this.

Christian Home and Bible School Variety Shoppe: Mount Dora 


Love these old pot.


I didn't realize Bodum made glasses/mugs and espresso thangs.

Scent balls?


The jewel in crown that is comprised of these trips: