Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Eustis Goodwill 4.19.16


I dig this, but of course I have no need for it...or space...

This clock is amazing.

One unicorn without a horn.

Two unicorns without horns. From someone's ununicorn collection.

How 70s fancy would you feel drinking out of this?

Or 70s sleazy?

Thought about getting these for my ex.

I love these fakey greek thangs.


Bird mugs are all the rage.

I know a bunch of people who would love this.

Kitchen Chicken.

Tea for one sets are the sweetest.

Ceramic server.

I'm king when I drink from this vessel.

I want to drink cucumber water from this.

Cream Love.

Nice glaze.

Wistfully she gazes.

Classic trivets.

We three things.

This takes me back.

I love these metal plates.

This this is so worn, I want to turn it into something. Didn't buy it though, couldn't put my mind to a specific project.

Matching creamer.

This thrift store always has something with this design on it. This is the first piece I've seen (anywhere) that wasn't glass or ceramic. (Though the piece on the front is ceramic.)


Leesburg Goodwill 4.19.16

I love these sets. If I could ship them safely, I would have nabbed 'em for my etsy site. 

World Market chic, without the price tag.

IT'S A PHEASANT! There were two of them, two glass pheasants.

Elegant lamb.

Weird dog...what...what is this for?

Pardon my finger, but this aesthetic sends me back.


My S.O. and I...surely...

So at first I though that this was a Christmas caroler themed trashcan, I'm thinking it's a champagne bucket...I hope so...


There's something sweet about this.

All I can do is laugh.

I wanted this so badly. Love me some Jesus memorabilia.


Sweet ducks.

Cute as heck.

To match above.

The biggest selection of that brown glaze-ware I've ever seen. In fact, I've never seen a casserole dish, or other serving bowls.

I love thrift store art.

Oh yeah, gotta get riiiiight up in there.

It's important to store your milk in a Christmas themed bottle during the holidays.


Cute as heck.

Dem bones.

So...what's going on here...exactly?

I don't know that any mom would want this...

Kinda cool.

I probably should have gotten this for the shop.

*cocks head* wut?

For guests ONLY!

I like this variation.

Fat carrot.

This is so great.

What an odd motif to put on a glass...

I just love this stuff. Out of context it's like...the best.

On the way out.

What tiiiiime is it? Pasta time.

I think this is the crown jewel of this visit. Just let this one sink in.