Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Like Wilfred Brimley.

Colin has a pot ghost, it poops belly button lint (every hour on the hour) and demands burgers.


Dumb little cat that I still kinda like.

Colin pooted and it sounded like electricity to me; I'm always saying he's a robot so...

I have no idea... Sometimes my hand just draws something and I have to live with it.

Uhh...yeah...cheesy fox, whatchu doin'?


A couple of doodles. Colin really likes the style, I's just my weird drawing...

Sad Robot

His head is smoking 0s and 1s. Oh binary love.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Recent Doodles

Here are some doodles I've been doing. There's more to come but I'm in a situation at the moment that makes scanning difficult.

This woman was eating at Dairy Queen... I couldn't stop staring... I'm an awful person...

These I did in the iPhone app "DoodleBuddy." They're so bad they're good. Ha.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Help Send Me to College

I just received a phone call from my former college. They told me that if I want to finish my last two courses and get my degree in animation, I could do so without reapplying, so long as I do it in the Spring or Summer quarter. I cannot go for Spring as that is only a few days away, but two of my dear friends are offering their home to me if I attend the Atlanta campus in summer. The one hitch is that I am extremely poor right now and there are few options for me other than asking people for money. I'm thinking I should sell my car, but that will only get me about half way there. The courses are expensive, which is my fault, but I need this degree. I need to feel good about myself for once. I need to fulfill a life-long dream; one that may be tattered and one that may be panning out entirely different from what I had hoped, but a dream all the same.

I know Japan is really hurting right now and that there really is no reason why you should be donating to my cause, but I had to ask. This is something that I care about and am compelled to push for, regardless of all else.

If you wish to help me out, no donation is too small. I am quite literally living on the shoulders of my significant other and would really like to relieve the pressure and become a better prepared worker; someone who can enter the workforce with a fair chance. To be honest, if I ever want to pay down the debt I am already in for my schooling (which is say the least), I must get this degree.

So, feel free to click the link to paypal (which is under my photo and info) and help me out. Also, feel free to contact me and talk to me more about this. If you donate I would be more than happy to get your info and send you a copy of my senior film when it is completed and/or a drawing of your description, or whatever other creative knick-knack you're in the market for.

Thank you so much for reading,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sketchbook Pages

I will apologize preemptively for these drawings. I'm kinda a sick bastard. (Also, I like drawing what I think I hear people say. I'm sure you'll spot a few of 'em in there.)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Very 1st Photoshop Inking

Original Sketch
Ink with Sketch Underneath

Final Inking

Close-Up of hands because I like how weird they are.